Mobile Heated Cabinet- GN pan size

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  • Designed for transporting heated food.
  • Can maintain 70℃ for up to 1 hour without power (depends on food type and quantity).
  • Wide temperature range (30~90 ℃), suitable for different type of food.
  • Fan assisted heating and insulated cabinet ensures uniform temperature for food holding.
  • Automatic safety cut-out prevents overheating 120 ℃
  • Mechanical thermostat displays the temperature even when the unit is switched off.
  • Built-in humidity reservoir keeps heated food in perfect condition prior to service.
  • Ext. Size: W515 x D780 x H1763mm
  • Int. Size: W395 x D650 x H1430mm
  • Pan:17pcs x GN1/1
  • Capacity: 290L
  • Power: 650W

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