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1. Order directly on our web-shop.
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3. We ship free of charge within Hong Kong.
4. Payment methods: Paypal/ Credit Card/ Bank Transfer.

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You can check your purchase record after registration with your Login ID & Password.

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1. Order directly on our web-shop.
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Competitive Price

We order our products directly from the manufacturers.
Thus we offer you the same high quality, but at a cheaper price!
As a bulk purchaser and direct customer, we have great purchasing advantages, which we pass on directly to you. For bulk purchase/ wholesales,
please contact us directly at

Fast delivery

After receipt of your order, this will be processed as soon as possible by our customer service. So the goods arrive within a few days. Detailed information about the delivery time can be found in the respective product information.

Return service
(for Hong Kong clients only)

Buy without risk! You can return your ordered goods within 7 days after receiving the delivery.

Return requirement:
1. A complete package
2. No traces and scratches
3. Non-artificial damage
We will replace the same model of product with the first seven days. This service does not apply on some disposable products.

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